A Green 2018


by Ryan C. Brown

One of our core values at Mission Hills is to help protect and preserve our environment. Just last year we became certified as a Green Chalice community within our denomination. What this means is as a community, we have taken a vow to not waste energy, water, food and to also find ways to conserve natural resources in our area. Our efforts will continue as we explore the option of incorporating solar panels into our facility in the new year. 

While adding solar panels is a big way to make an impact on conserving our natural resources, there are many small adjustments that can help conserve important resources such as food, water, and power. As we step into 2018, our community can benefit greatly from making small adjustments in our daily habits and routines, to become more aware of both our consumption and our waste. Below are a few simple and easy items to help you contribute to helping our community conserve more of our essential resources.

Separate your trash into landfill and recyclable items. 

This small simple step will help you eliminate the need to empty your trash multiple times a day or week. My wife and I have set up two trash bins in our kitchen, one for landfill trash (coffee grounds, veggie peels, non-recyclable materials or items that have been soiled beyond refuge) and the other for our recyclable items (paper, plastics, tin foil, etc.) Our apartment community has 2 trash bins, one for landfill waste and one for recycled waste. We simply empty the bin in the appropriate container and off we go! If you live in an area that does not have this option accessible to you, contact the LADWP and see how you can have them supply you and your neighbors with a recycling option. For more information on the free programs offered by the LADWP, please click here

Turn off all electronics when you leave a room.

Because our electronics are faster and require more power to make them “go”, we can conserve energy by shutting them off when you leave a room for more than a few minutes. It also helps to not leave your TV running while you are doing errands around the house or not really paying attention. Radios, iPods or other music playing devices consume much less energy than most TVs. Try shutting off your electronics from 1-2 hours a day and doing an activity that does not require power or electricity. 

Get a free update from LADWP for all non-energy efficient items in your home. 

We have the privilege of living in one of the most progressive counties in America when it comes energy conservation. Los Angeles County has undertaken several updates for small business and homes and continues to offer their free replacement to anyone that qualifies. If you would like more information on this program, or to see if you are eligible for an update, click here and you will be taken to the appropriate webpage.

Thank you for your part in leading the way to a Green 2018!