What's New?


Hey! What’s new?
Here are some things our community has been talking about, listening to, reading, and watching lately! Cheers!



Our community has been in conversation around Peter Rollins’ 40 day Lenten program “Atheism For Lent,” which introduces a variety of thinkers, writers, and mystics that have challenged traditional notions of god. So far, it’s illuminated our experiences, doubts, and questions that many of us had not previously given much thought. You can join us by sending us a message on social media or supporting Peter’s work or checking out one of his many great books! I recommend starting with How Not To Speak of God.



Over the past couple of week’s Mission Hills has been in dialogue with Richard Rohr’s new book. Using on scripture, history, and spiritual practices, Rohr challenges our notions of Christ in view of Jesus Christ as a portrait of God’s constant, unfolding work in the world. “God loves things by becoming them,” he writes, and Jesus’s life was meant to declare that humanity has never been separate from God.



On Wednesdays nights at 7 pm, we’ll often catch up on shows or movies that we’re watching. Lately, we’ve been talking about 2 Netlfix’s shows. The first being The OA. Netflix recently released the long-awaited season 2 of this mystery thriller that follows Prairie and an unlikely group of friends through the aftermath of her reappearance after 7 years held captive. The OA (Part II) reemerges from the dramatic ending of the first season and takes us deeper into the consciousness of this strange unfolding universe.


The second show in our weekly conversations is Ricky Gervais’ new dark comedy Afterlife in which Ricky’s character Tony tragically loses his wife. Tony seeks revenge on the world as he begins to not only be brutally honest in every interaction, but realizes he can do anything he wants since the worst has already happened. This beautiful and brief comedy journeys through Tony’s grief as he navigates life without the love of his life, and in doing so, challenges us to consider What is after life?



Copeland Blushing

Copeland released their 6th sixth album Blushing on February 14th, and will be in concert at The Regent Theater in Los Angeles on April 3rd. In true Copeland fashion, Blushing is symphonic and emotional but with new and notable punch. The opening track, Pope, establishes a universe of double vocals, electronic synth, and haunting narrative lines. Blushing feels like the perfect evolution of Copeland’s genre-defining sounds. Listen now.