I’ve always had a strong connection to my home in Waco, Texas. I love the town. I loved it before HGTV loved it. I love that even though it has changed over the years, there are many parts that look the same as when I was a kid. Going home is like time traveling. If I go for a drive in the summer, I can roll down my windows and feel the warm air and catch the aromatic elixir from sun on ripe cornfields. I can walk under the giant oak trees on Baylor’s campus at night while the students are away for the summer and hear the click of the sprinklers turning on. I usually drive by the homes where my family used to live so I can remember. 

Home is baseball. Home is music. Home is swimming.
Home is magic.
Home is tears.
Home forges us. Home grounds us. Home unnerves us. 
Home is hope.

This week, I watched the film “Lion” by Garth Davis, which is based on a memoir by Saroo Brierley. The story follows Saroo, a five-year-old boy in ‘Genestalay’ India in 1987. Through a series of freak circumstances, he is left alone at a train station. Saroo boards a train and but is unable get off until two days later in Calcutta, 1600 miles from his home. Saroo is lost. He is eventually taken to an orphanage and adopted by a young Australian couple. As a young man, Saroo comes to the understanding that despite his success in life, he is still the lost boy in Calcutta looking for home. Saroo is haunted by the idea that his mom and brother have been searching all these years somewhere in India. In order to find himself, he knows he must first find 'home'. I highly recommend the film but be prepared for the emotional roller coaster of joining Saroo’s journey of finding home.

Do you ever feel lost searching for 'home' like Saroo? How do you view the importance of ‘home’? How is your ‘home’ or journey for home a part of who you are as a person now?