Transforming Communities with Sandhya Jha

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We are kicking off 2018 with an incredible author and social justice warrior, Sandhya Jha. Sandhya is the founder and director of the Oakland Peace Center and is the author of several books. Her latest book is titled, Transforming Communities: How People Like You Are Healing Their Neighborhoods. In this episode we touch on so many topics, my head was spinning as I was editing and trying to keep up with what to include in the show notes. Nonetheless, I have provided as many links as I can. We reference a mutual friend, Micky ScottBey Jones, in the introduction of our episode. You can find her work here. Make sure to tune into for a bonus re-launch episode featuring poet and social justice advocate, Emily Joy! Thanks for listening and here's to fighting the good fight!

Sandhya's Website:    

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Moral Monday/The Poor People's Campaign: Link

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What is the Bible; Rob Bell: Book

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