Pornography and Social Justice with Dr. Heather Berg

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Hello Friends!

Thank you for joining in on this week's conversation with Dr. Heather Berg. We have some great resources for you this week so make sure you check out the show notes. Tune in next week for a brand new interview and more resources!

Show Notes:

Dr. Heather Berg; Twitter

Sex Workers Outreach Project; Link


What I Want to Know is Why You Hate Porn Stars?; Link


Coming Out Like A Pornstar; Link

Playing the Whore: The Work of Sex Work; Link

Sex Workers Unite; Link

A Taste for Brown Sugar; Link

Wages for Housework: Link

Burn My Shadow; Link

No More Heros; Link

Women's History Month: 

Other Resources:

Mission Hills; Facebook Instagram

Ryan C. Brown; Facebook Twitter Instagram

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