A “Better” World with Melvin Bray

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Hello Friends! 

Thank you for tuning into the latest episode of The Mission Podcast with special guest, Melvin Bray! Melvin and I connected a couple of weeks ago and I have been so excited to share this conversation with you. I have included links to Melvin's book, Better: Waking Up To Who We Could Be, available now from the Chalice Press.  

Also included with this episode is a new list of resources for you. These resources have helped me become a better listener and have also helped me spend some time seeing the world through a different lens. I encourage you to read/view/watch as many of the resources as you can. I hope they are both encouraging and informational! 

Tune in next week for a special edition of The Mission Podcast! Talk with you then, folks!

Episode Resources:

Melvin Bray - Website  Facebook  Twitter

Better: Waking Up To Who We Could Be; Website Link to Book

Collabyrinth Consulting; Link

Boys and Girls Club; Link

Young Life; Link

DesignShop Methodology; Link

Ferguson and Faith; Link

#TheMissionPodcast Resource List; Part I:


Other Links: 

Mission Hills; Facebook Instagram

Ryan C. Brown; Facebook Twitter Instagram

Music for #TheMissionPodcast is provided by Steven Arthur of The Early Reset