They Will Inherit The Earth- John Dear | We cannot recommend this book enough. If Jesus calls us into anything, it’s a life of nonviolence. John Dear beautifully explores a nonviolent posture toward all things in the midst of a planet undergoing climate change.

Anxious To Talk About It - Carolyn Helsel  | This is our Fall read for our weekly community gatherings, Wednesdays at 7pm starting September 5th!

The New Jim Crow - A guide to history of racial injustice through propaganda, discrimination, and policies that pass for justice in the U.S.

Laudato Sí - Pope Francis | Pope Francis' call to the human family to care for and protect God's creation. 

A New Harmony - John Phillip Newell | The poetic JPN explores a Celtic view of the oneness of creation and humanity as expressed through Christ.




On Being. | Krista Tippet podcast leads the way for discussions about spirituality, peacemaking, and creating a more beautiful humanity. 

The Robcast | From the "backhouse," Rob Bell dishes out candid sermons, thoughts on Christian spirituality without all the religious language, and interviews with interesting people doing cool things in the world. 

Homebrewed Christianity | In this long-standin theology podcast, Tripp Fuller interviews Christian scholars and authors and usually gets in the theological weeds around the important issues facing culture and the Church.

The Deconstructionists Podcast | Adam Narloch & John Williamson serve as approachable and thoughtful guides on the path of de(re)construction of the Christian faith. 


Movies & TV 

Before The Flood - Netflix

Food Inc. - Netflix

The Path - Hulu

The Leftovers - HBO

Dark Tourist - Netflix

Wild Wild Country - Netflix

Cowspiracy - Netflix

Handmaids Tale - Hulu



Centering Prayer Guidlines    via

Centering Prayer Guidlines via

Welcoming prayer by Gravity Center - connect with them at

Welcoming prayer by Gravity Center - connect with them at


Thanks to Eric Tiregol for compiling the community support information

Thanks to Eric Tiregol for compiling the community support information