Mission Hills Christian Church
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Mission Hills Christian Church is an inclusive and affirming community of Jesus followers that celebrates people of all gender identities, sexual orientations, religions, ethnicities, economic classes, and nationalities. Together, we seek to embody faith that loves God, embraces beauty, and lives life to the fullest.



Sundays: Worship & Liturgy | 10am
Mondays: Coffeehouse Hours @ Devonshire Starbucks | 10am-Noon
Wednesdays: Community Group @ Mission Hills | 7pm-8pm


lgbtQ+ Alliance

We welcome persons of all gender expressions and sexual orientations to the table of Christ’s communion and to the full life and leadership of the Christian Church. We are recognized by Disciples Alliance Q, which seeks to ensure churches set a place at the table for persons of all gender expressions and sexual orientations.

We welcome all and all means all. 


a neighborhood church

Our community desires to make a positive impact on our neighborhood by loving well, pursuing the common good, and seeking the well-being of all people in mission Hills. 


Schedule of Events


We are passionate about bringing together great people for great events. Embracing beauty at Mission Hills means enjoying food, music, art, and great ideas in a creative environment in ways that inspire our community to live well. We regularly host art shows, concerts, community festivals, garden workshops, live speakers, and film screenings that stir our imagination for a better future. Jesus called this the Kingdom of God. 

Past Events:


ask Science Mike live


Peter Rollins live


Food Truck festivals


13th film screening


trevor gordon hall



In 2017, Mission Hills Christian Church embarked on a journey to become more enviromentally conscious. This included developing a team to prioritize important changes to our operations and space. We hosted a panel of climate leaders from around Los Angeles to present at a special screening of Josh Fox's documentary "How To Let Go Of The World." In addition, we started the first organic community garden in Mission Hills, and hosted 4 workshops with the natural agriculture non-profit NaturaGro. Our community garden is open for everyone in the community to plant organic fruits and vegetable to promote healthy and sustainable lifestyles. We have also recently replaced all exterior and interior lights with energy efficient bulbs and use the RecycLA program for recycling.  We are currently in the process to move our facilities to 100% solar power by 2019.


ways to get involved

Justice peacemaking
LBGTQ+ Alliance
Theological Dialogue

We are a growing, diverse group of believers and doubters, sinners and saints that are doing our best to follow in the way of Jesus. We are a Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) community, but we're a modern hybrid of people from multiple denominations, traditions, and cultures. We practice communal dialogue on important issues facing our society, engage in challenging  and encouraging conversations, and promote the wellfare of our community, city, and vulnerable peoples.  We would love to have you join our team! 



Community Engagement

We value community engangement centering on practices that benefit the well being of our neighborhood and city. We practice this through activities such as our organic community garden, free little library, wellness workshops, yoga classes, free festivals, and community meals. 


We are all on a journey to ensure that every person has the opportunity to live life to the fullest in Christ. Join us in the conversation to become more welcoming and accepting of all people at Mission Hills through a variety of initiatives that seek to create spaces of dialogical encounter in which everyone has a voice.

environmental advocacy

We are officially a green chalice community within the Christian Church Disciples of Christ with the goal for complete certification by 2019. Join our green team of inspirational leaders that are moving us to become more environmentally friendly as we learn to love and care for God's creation.  


theological conversations

We value critical thinking and the pursuit of theological conversations because we understand Jesus calls us into life's important questions. We practice deep thinking, contemplation, and compassionate conversation. In the traditions of Jesus, we do seek to offer a set of pat theological positions, but rather to ask good questions that allow for difference and move us to greater love. 



Listen to our conversations with Christian thought leaders like Brian Mclaren, Mickey Scottbey Jones, Peter Rollins, Sandhya Jha, and many others! Subscribe on  your favorite podcast app!






We are conveniently located off of the 405, 118, and 5 freeways in the San Fernando Valley in sunny Los Angeles, California! 


14941 Devonshire Street
Los Angeles, CA 91345

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Being a LGBTQ+ Alliance and Green Chalice community means that we strive to be loving allies in our advocacy for LGBTQ+ persons both in life and the church. We are on a communal journey to be more environmentally conscious in our actions and care for our planet.