Tae Kwon Do, Combating Sexual Harassment and the Beauty of New Orleans with Dr. Caroline Heldman

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Capping off launch week is Dr. Caroline Heldman! Dr. Heldman was a Lyft passenger I picked up a few months back. We had such an incredible conversation, she agreed to be a guest on our the show! Dr. Heldman takes us on quite a journey starting with her own upbringing and how that has fueled her in her career and in her passion for giving back to others. She is the founder of a Women's non-profit in New Orleans and is doing great things to help preserve the history that is in jeopardy after Hurricane Katrina. Be sure to check out Caroline's website and pick up a copy of her new book, Protest Politics in the Marketplace: Consumer Activism in the Corporate Age, available on Cornell University Press. 

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Caroline Heldman Website: Link

Twitter: @carolineheldman

Link to book; Protest Politics in the Marketplace: Link

The World That Made New Orleans: Link

Leona Tata Foundation for Change: Link